Major European conference to tackle crucial issue
– dealing with conflict

The Conflict Matters conference explores a crucial yet often neglected question: how can we learn to manage conflicts in a constructive way – in schools, in families, in society ?

We believe conflict management is not just about resolving a particular problem. With the right skills, conflict is a fantastic opportunity for transformative change, creativity and growth. And managing conflict, from the personal all the way to the societal level, is an essential skill that needs to be learnt from an early age.

Focusing on conflict facilitates work on a wide range of urgent issues, such as prejudice, racism, school violence and dropouts; it helps to develop skills needed to deal with them, including cooperation, emotional intelligence, empathy and non-violent communication.

The Conflict Matters conference offers a platform to share and reflect on educational policies in the field of constructive conflict management. At the three-day event in Brussels, practitioners, teachers, policymakers, students and researchers will discover good practices and inspiring initiatives, and be able to forge new partnerships to better promote conflict-management education in the EU.

The program highlights include contributions by education specialists, psychologists, neuroscientists; as well as tailor-made workshops and trainings on conflict management in school, handling controversial topics in classroom, alternative approaches to school rules and sanctions, school climate, shared decision-making at school, conflict and social media and many others. Check the list of workshops & trainings.

This 2015 networking event is a unique opportunity to advance conflict management in education all across Europe.

About the Organizer

The Evens Foundation is a public benefit foundation based in Antwerp, Belgium, with offices in Paris and Warsaw. Through its projects and supports, it seeks to achieve a more harmonious and democratic society in a diverse Europe. Since 2010 its Peace Education Program is focused on promoting conflict management in the educational field.

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