Workshops & Trainings

Building trust: the whole-school approach

Experts Hilary Cremin, University of Cambridge, UK & Cecile Barbeito, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Spain (session 1); Esther Oliver, University of Barcelona & Marina Caireta, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Spain (session 2)
Facilitator Andres Roberts, UK

Leading theorists, researchers and practitioners in the field have often highlighted the need for comprehensive and transversal approaches in peace education. Ideally, peace education pays attention to methods, content and organizational structure. To be effective in schools, it should address all aspects of school life and involve all stakeholders.

Interesting and encouraging things are happening in individual schools. School leaders and teachers are confidently and energetically questioning the educational system and policy. Visionary and courageous school directors are leading their schools through a process of structural, systemic reform. Rejecting the hierarchical model of school structure, they are enabling healthy dialogue, establishing constructive conflict management strategies and implementing a culture of peace in their schools. And newly founded schools are integrating peace education principles from the start. However, in many schools conflict learning remains marginal and is not institutionalized.

In this workshop, the participants, together with a facilitator and experts, will discuss what factors, conditions, environments, etc support and hinder the implementation and sustainability of constructive conflict learning in educational settings. At the same time, starting from concrete examples, the group will share experiences on how to implement conflict learning systemically and transversally.