Workshops & Trainings

Laying good foundations: social skills in early childhood

Trainers Friederike Birkle, European Peer Training Organisation (EPTO) & Luís Manuel Pinto, Universal Education Foundation (UEF) / Learning for Well-Being, Belgium

Fundamental differences in how children interact with their environments can be noticed in infancy. In early childhood these ways of functioning are sometimes viewed as problems to be resolved rather than as a natural expression of inner diversity to be supported. With awareness and simple guidelines, practitioners and guardians can nurture the multiple expressions that occur, and set a course for children to understand their own particular ways of functioning and interacting with their environments.

In this interactive workshop, the facilitators will demonstrate a living-system perspective on engaging in mutual learning, and will provide brief experiences that illustrate distinctions in inner diversity – those natural patterns of learning, communicating, problem-solving and creativity that are unique to individuals.

The focus will be on exploring core capacities and practices that can underpin and strengthen shifts in relationships between adults and children of any age, and particularly during early childhood, and on developing strategies for creating environments that support the unique ways of functioning of every child.