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Let’s talk: Democratic dialogue in the classroom

Trainers Cherif El Farri & Eef Cornelissen (English session) and Arzu Yentür & Mohamed Chatouani (Dutch session), Democratic Dialogue, Erasmus University College Brussels, Belgium

Living together in a democracy without dialogue is unimaginable. However, sometimes dialogue is made nearly impossible. We are all influenced by the news, subject to power relations, affected by our own mood, etc. At times we find it hard to be patient. We want to talk, but other people are so unreasonable, aren’t they? We want to listen, but not to nonsense. Or we prefer to remain silent and be left alone. Does this sound familiar?

Luckily, you can learn how to dialogue. In this training you will be introduced to Democratic Dialogue, a project that aims to confront controversial topics and create a space for debate. Dialogue coaches will help you to strengthen your democratic skills.