Workshops & Trainings

Rules and sanctions: alternative approaches to school discipline

Experts Belinda Hopkins, Transforming Conflict, UK & Tom van Waterschoot, PrOS, Belgium
Facilitators Julie Ryngaert & Chris Vleugels, Flemish Office of the Children's Rights Commissioner, Belgium

Complaints about the policy of applying sanctions in schools are a recurrent issue in the work of the office of the Flemish Children’s Rights Commissioner. This question also occupies schools and educational authorities. Many schools would like to give their problem students a “second chance”, but don’t know where to start or how to go about it.

It is not easy to build a sanction and discipline policy at school that takes the rights of pupils into consideration. This workshop will focus on the difficulties that schools encounter in this respect, as well as on ideas and ways to deal with these difficulties in order to keep pupils and students on board.

A practical case, followed by the drawing of general conclusions, will allow participants to learn and share experiences on alternative approaches to school discipline, with a focus on healthy relationships and social cohesion.