Workshops & Trainings

Social media and conflict management: challenges and opportunities

Experts Paul Ainsworth, Ariel Trust, UK (Session 1), Yarden Leal-Yablonka, Peres Center for Peace, Israel (Session 2),  Julien Lecomte, Université de Paix, Belgium
Facilitator Carrina Gaffney, UK

Online social networking is an important part of most young people’s life. It is a specific way of relating to others that raises many questions, such as: What are the effects of social media on relationships, behavior and even identity? How do they change the way young people relate to each other? What are the problems they face online and how does it relate to what happens offline and vice versa? Can children and young people be educated to use social media in a sensible and constructive way?

In this workshop we will start from concrete cases to better understand both the challenges and opportunities that social media engender in relation to conflict. We will then reflect on how, in educational settings, we can use social media to promote constructive social relationships and support the development of a culture of peace.