Workshops & Trainings

The multiple benefits of nonviolent communication

Trainer Marianne Göthlin, Certified NVC Trainer, Sweden

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a powerful process for inspiring compassionate connection and action. It provides a framework and set of skills to address a wide range of concerns, from the most intimate relationships to global political conflicts. NVC can help to prevent conflicts as well as to peacefully resolve them.

The purpose of NVC is to help all involved to sharpen their awareness of language so that they can express what really matters to them, and also hear what really matters to others. It involves empathic communication whereby we can attune ourselves to both our own and other people’s real needs.

In this training, participants will be introduced to the principles and process of NVC, with several examples. We will test the NVC process in situations where conflict arises, and participants can explore their own examples. This will give a taste of how the NVC process can provide the clarity and empathic connection needed to find inner good-will and solutions that work for everyone.