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What does neuroscience tell us about human conflict?

Experts Olga Klimecki, François Bogacz & Jeremy Lack, Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Conflicts are part of human nature. They arise both in and between nations, cultures, groups, companies, families and individuals. They involve interactions between social and cognitive patterns of behavior that are modulated by emotions.

Inspired by scientific discoveries from the social sciences and neuroscience, a new generation of practitioners in the field of conflict resolution has developed a theoretical framework to guide their work. The emphasis of this workshop will be on the presentation and discussion of this framework. More specifically, topics that will be covered include how this framework is being applied in practice to help diagnose, prepare for, manage and resolve conflicts. Throughout all stages, the process itself is approached as part of the problem.

In addition, this workshop will provide an introduction to the dynamics of conflict, the range of appropriate dispute-resolution processes available, and possible hybrid processes. Participants can participate in activities that illustrate how conflict resolution is modulated by emotions, self-awareness, group dynamics and attention orientation.

The aim of this workshop is to encourage lively exchanges on new insights, tools and techniques that can be used in conflict resolution and peacebuilding.