Workshops & Trainings

Working together: shared decision-making in the school

Trainers Myrna Lewis, Deep Democracy, South Africa & Marianne Katsina Munis, Danish Center for Conflict Resolution, Denmark

Born out of South Africa’s transformation from apartheid to democracy, in 1995, the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy is a facilitative method that enables voices to be heard, resolves tension and conflict, and assists with decision-making, dialogue, cooperation and leadership. It has been applied successfully in more than 20 countries, in the social, educational and corporate sectors.

In this 2.5-hour presentation and training, participants will gain insight into the basic Deep Democracy methodology and leave equipped with pragmatic and useful tools for decision-making and resolving tension and conflict in educational settings.

The session includes:

  • An overview of the Lewis Method of Deep Democracy
  • An overview of one of the fundamental models that underpin the methodology
  • The ‘Terrorist’/Resistance Line
  • The Four Steps of Deep Democracy decision-making
  • The ‘Let’s Talk’ method to resolve tension/tough decisions between two people
  • An experience of large group discussion and conflict resolution