Aminul Hoque

Hoque, A. (2017, July-August). Calm Amidst the Chaos, The Teacher, National Union of Teachers.
About how educators should respond with their pupils in the event of wider terrorist activities? Should they ignore or tackle these issues within the classroom? 

Hoque, A., (2015).  Knowing our students’ identities: British Bangladeshis in east London schools. Race Equality Teaching, 33 (1).
About the complexity and fluidity of youth identity affecting young Bangladeshis from East London and how schools should allow spaces for pupils to explore and discuss their complex identities within the classroom. 

Hoque, A.(2015, September). Young British Muslims alienated by ‘us versus them’ rhetoric of counter-terrorism, The Conversation.
About how counterproductive the Prevent Strategy is as it establishes an Us vs Them mentality among young British Muslims.