The session:
‘Betzavta’ (Together), a program developed by the Adam Institute in Jerusalem, invites participants to examine their process of decision-making. Activities and games highlight the competing tendencies at work in each of us, both for and against democratic principles, so that an external conflict can become an internal dilemma. Thus, for example, what may begin as an external conflict between the right to freedom of information and the right to privacy is internalized in such a way that participants express opinions both for and against each of these rights and gain a better understanding of how different rights may come into conflict in a democracy. Participants
then seek to promote the equal right to freedom and to solve the conflict in line with democratic principles and values.

Participants of the workshop ‘Conflict-Dilemma-Conflict’ will be invited to experience an activity that raises the topic ‘Majority-Minority’ so as to gain a deeper understanding of the method. At the end of the session , the potential and options of this approach will be discussed.

The organization:

The Academy for Leadership & Competence is a provider of educational concepts, training, consulting and evaluation in the field of curricular and extracurricular civic education. It focuses on advancing democratic thinking and action in society. As part of the Centre for Applied Policy Research, a Munich‐based think‐tank, it is attached to Ludwig‐Maximilian University. Based in a migration society, its work focuses on issues of heterogeneity and diversity as well as on the participatory regulation of political and societal processes. Its methods and practices offer orientation, not recipes. Instead, it aims to advance autonomous behavior through professional coaching and continuous education.
The programs and methods developed by the Academy are complemented by the experiences and programs of partners from different parts of the world.