The session:
CoResolve Youth Speaks, initiated and funded by the Evens Foundation, is an adaptation of the Lewis Method, enabling challenging conversations to take place in schools.
The Lewis Method is distinguished by its orientation toward tension and conflict. It recognizes that, when different voices converse with each other, there will inevitably be differences of opinion. The method outlines a structured way of leading people into tensions and potential conflicts, knowing that innovative solutions, sustainable decisions, wisdom and transformational growth lie in that exploration. In this way, the method unearths ‘the Gold of Conflict’, enabling a deepening of relationships and realistic solutions that people will buy into.

This experiential workshop will give you a taste of the easily learned Youth Speaks toolkit for challenging conversations. A practical five-step approach for working with groups and individuals, it emphasizes that every voice matters and that decisions are wisest when all voices are heard. It goes far beyond engagement with ideas and instead brings to the surface emotions, issues, intuitions and attachments that make a conversation more honest and real.

The organization:

The Lewis Method of Deep Democracy & CoResolve was born out of South Africa’s struggle from apartheid to democracy in the early 1990s. More than fifteen years of experimentation later, the method has been honed into a straightforward, five-step approach from which various applications have grown, such as Deep Democracy, CoResolve, Let’s Talk, CoResolve Youth Speaks, and CoResolve Parenting. The method is a dynamic, evolving approach used in all sectors of society and over 40 countries. Whether in large-scale dialogue, boardrooms, classrooms or bedrooms, it can help people to engage in more real and growthful conversations. Leaders, facilitators, NPOs, teachers, mediators, managers, change agents, HR professionals, parents and children have all learnt its five steps.