The session:
In this session Bart Brandsma will outline the dynamics of polarisation, when dialogue is impossible, and explain how to create a strategy of depolarisation. He will provide a couple of fundamental insights we need to have to avoid mistakes, and will give an overview of the different roles people play in polarisation. What is the effect of the position and role you are inclined to choose? Participants will be given the opportunity to reflect on their specific situation, on the polarisation they are dealing with, be it Islam versus the West, economy v ecology, black v white or ‘the elite’ v the people.
After gaining some clarity about polarisation and its dynamics, Brandsma will introduce the Game Changers, which participants can start using right away. It will change the way participants look at ‘us versus them’ thinking, and make them feel more equipped to act. See the short video where he introduces his method.

The trainer

Bart Brandsma is a Dutch philosopher with expertise in polarization, who works independently as a consultant and trainer throughout the Netherlands and Europe. With a small team of dedicated people, he trains and advises professionals – such as mayors, public prosecutors, policymakers, teachers, school heads, prison personnel and prison directors, radicalization experts and counterterrorism teams, police professionals, municipality workers, youth and social workers, dialogue experts, communication advisors, journalists, etc.