The session:
The Enquiring Classroom explores values in pedagogical spaces, engages with questions of diversity and democracy, enters into creative forms of dialogue, and seeks to examine our responsibilities as citizens and Europeans.  Both national and European level there is a growing emphasis on questions of inclusion, tolerance, integration, counter-terrorism and radicalisation. Whilst understanding the motivation for preventative approaches to, for example, racism and extremism, this project chooses to engage with sensitive, difficult and complex questions through creative pedagogical approaches, exploring commitments, beliefs, concepts, and values, through philosophical enquiry, aesthetic encounter, and reflection on lived experience in the context of rich cultural heritages.

This experiential session will centre on the project’s ‘lived values’ strand, initiated by Bergman and Langmann in Sweden. Participants will be invited to creatively explore the classic liberal values such as freedom, tolerance and responsibility through lived experience, storytelling, material artefacts, conceptual analysis and situatedness in the ‘natural history’ of human kind, investigating how these values are lived and embodied with sensitivity to the ways that our values hold us, in particular in different traditions of thinking and cultural lineages.
The session will enact the pluralistic approach of The Enquiring Classroom through strategies that invite aesthetic encounter, philosophical enquiry, an imaginative approach to the rituals of ordinary life, and consideration of the kinds of judgements that educators are required to make.
It will also invite to reflection on ‘moments of stickiness and perplexity’ faced by educators and consider these as a community of enquiry.

The organizations
The Enquiring Classroom project is an ERASMUS+ funded project between Maynooth University (Ireland), MIC University of Limerick (Ireland), EA (Greece) and S√∂dertorn University (Sweden). It is also informed by a project called The Visiting Project which is a collaboration between Glenn Loughran (DIT) and Aislinn O’Donnell (MU).