The session:
Peter will invite the group to participate in a philosophy session. Using Socratic Circle techniques, where participants inhabit one of two circles, an ‘inner’ and an ‘outer’ circle, to reflect on practice and experience, he will ask them to observe, and comment on the session afterwards.
Central to the Philosophy Foundation’s approach is Peter Worley’s idea, ‘Open Question Mindset’ (or OQM). He will show how this works, especially in approaching controversial topics, with the facilitator maintaining a systematic ‘position of remove’ from the discussion.
He will then answer questions and explain strategies, procedures and rationales for what he did and why, evaluating his own facilitation with the group in order to show, more deeply, the principles that he and his colleagues follow.

The organization:

The Philosophy Foundation is an educational charity that seeks to raise aspiration and attainment through bringing philosophy to schools, communities and the workplace. It specializes in the facilitation of philosophical conversations; trains philosophy graduates and undergraduates to facilitate philosophical enquiries, and teachers in schools to run enquiries in the classroom. It also trains people in the workplace in critical thinking, and runs philosophy sessions in schools, the community, the workplace and other settings such as prisons, hospitals and public spaces.

Its mission is to bring understanding and wisdom to the heart of education for everyone, to give children the ability to reach their full potential and adults the opportunity to develop new skills. It believes that reasoning skills developed through philosophical enquiry are an indispensable foundation of all aspects of learning, and that philosophy, like maths, music or physical education, is intrinsically both engaging and worth doing. It also equips beneficiaries to participate fully in society.