Brad Evans

University of Bristol, UK

> Keynote speech Violence. Conflict & the Art of the Political
> Break-out session Youth rising: between exclusion and belonging
> Closing panel discussion Shaping educational responses

Brad Evans is a political philosopher, critical theorist and writer, whose work specialises on the problem of violence. The author of some ten books and edited volumes, along with over fifty academic and media articles, he serves as a Reader in Political Violence at the School of Sociology, Politics & International Studies, the University of Bristol, UK.

He is founder/director of the Histories of Violence project. In this capacity, he has recently directed a global research initiative on the theme of “Disposable Life” to interrogate the meaning of mass violence in the 21st Century. Previous to this, his co-directed movie “Ten Years of Terror” (with Simon Critchley) received international acclaim.

Throughout 2015-17, Brad was invited to lead a dedicated series for The New York Times (The Stone) on violence. He is currently the lead editor for dedicated section on violence and the arts/critical theory with The Los Angeles Review of Books. He regularly writes for the Guardian, Independent, World Financial Review, Al Jazeera, TruthOut, Counter-Punch and Social Europe. He is a regular guest on the comedian Russell Brand’s “True News” series The Trews, and the podcast show Under the Skin, along with providing academic advice for the programme.

Brad has been a visiting fellow at the Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University, New York (2013-14) and distinguished society fellow at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire (2017).

​Brad’s latest books include Histories of Violence: Post-War Critical Thought (with Terrell Carver, Zed Books, 2017);  Portraits of Violence: An Illustrated History of Radical Thinking (with Sean Michael Wilson, New Internationalist, 2016); Disposable Futures: The Seduction of Violence in the Age of the Spectacle (with Henry Giroux, Citylights: 2015), Resilient Life: The Art of Living Dangerously (with Julian Reid, Polity Press, 2014), Liberal Terror (Polity Press, 2013), and Deleuze & Fascism: Security – War – Aesthetics (with Julian Reid, Routledge, 2013).

He is currently working on a number of book projects, including Violence (with Natasha Lennard, Citylights, 2018): and Ecce Humanitas: Beholding the Pain of Humanity (Columbia University Press, 2019).


> Reader

> Keynote abstract: 

Violence. Conflict & the Art of the Political
This talk will challenge conventional notions of violence, conflict and the political in order to show why “conflict matters” as a creative force in the task of creating better futures. The political in this regard is seen more as an art for living, which harnessing the creative power of the political imagination, counters violence with a more affirmative claim to becoming human in the world.
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