Colin Crouch

University of Warwick, UK

> Debate On Conflict and Democracy

Colin Crouch is a sociologist and political scientist, professor emeritus of the University of Warwick and external scientific member of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies at Cologne. He has been vice-president for social sciences of the British Academy (2012-16). He has published within the fields of comparative European sociology and industrial relations, economic sociology, neoliberalism and contemporary capitalism.  He is currently working on general social comparisons among European countries, and on problematic relations between democracy and economic inequality in post-modern societies.

Prof. Crouch has coined the term “post-democracy” in his book Coping with Post-Democracy (2000). Defining a running evolution within democracies during the 21st century, the term designates states that are conducted by fully operating democratic systems (elections are being held, governments fall and there is freedom of speech), but whose application is progressively limited. A small elite is taking the tough decisions and co-opts the democratic institutions.

Recent publications include: Society and Social Change in 21st Century Europe, 2016; Governing Social Risks in Post-Crisis Europe, 2015


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