Ilse Hakvoort

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

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> Break-out session Building coalitions: schools and communities

Ilse Hakvoort is a senior lecturer in education at the Department of Education and Special education at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. The title of her dissertation was Conceptualizations of Peace and War from Childhood through Adolescence (University of Amsterdam, 1997).

Her present research interest is constructive conflict resolution education in schools. Central in her work is how conflict situations can become learning experiences for pupils and teachers. Furthermore, she lectures in related areas such as schools’ democratic assignment including fundamental values and equal treatment, and children´s rights and realities.

Ilse Hakvoort is project leader of the four-year research project (2015-2018) Rethinking Conflict: An investigation of how emerging conflicts can be utilized to promote learning, financed by the Swedish research council. This project aims at making the many invisible daily conflicts in the classroom, dealt with by teachers, visible and discussable. Ilse Hakvoort and her team focus on listening to understandings and experiences of teachers. The project will result in several publications during the coming years (and can be found on the website when they are accepted.

In addition, she is involved in two ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership Projects, European nonviolent Conflict management for educators: Advocacy and Training (2015-2018) and Learning Communities for Peace (2016-2019).


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