Jonathan Even-Zohar

EUROCLIO, The Netherlands

> 20' of discussion with...
> Break-out session Decolonizing education?

Jonathan Even-Zohar is Director at EUROCLIO, where he has been employed since 2006. Over these ten years he has worked predominantly on large history education projects in Bulgaria, Cyprus, the former Yugoslavia and Turkey. In close cooperation with History Teachers Associations, curriculum developers and educational authorities he has overseen projects where social transformation, capacity building and conflict prevention were key drivers.

On the European level, his expertise includes association governance, civil society development, cross-border professional development, fundraising, advocacy and public discourse on history education. He has an MA degree in History from Leiden University, relating to world-historical perspectives in history education. Looking ahead on the work of EUROCLIO, his main interests are global history, remembrance education and intercultural and inter-religious dialogue.