Raheel Mohammed

Maslaha, UK

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Raheel Mohammed is the founder and director of Maslaha and has recently been profiled as one of Britain’s 50 New Radicals in The Observer newspaper for pioneering creative change to some of society’s most difficult issues.

He is a regular speaker at international conferences and events, most recently the World Islamic Economic Forum, where he was a main speaker on social entrepreneurship and micro finance. He has also been invited to speak at the New York Department of Education on social innovation. He also appears regularly on BBC Radio 2.

He has created award-winning resources which tackle inequalities in areas such as health, education, the role of women in Islam, and the historical relationship between Islam and Europe. Maslaha’s award-winning health work is now used locally, nationally, and internationally and seen as examples of good practice and innovative in its use of technology. Maslaha’s exhibitions are currently touring internationally and have been hosted in 10 countries and several European Capital of Culture programmes.

He has been invited by several government agencies such as those in Norway and Oman to talk about his work around faith, social innovation, and social entrepreneurship as well as more locally at NHS London conferences and by organizations such as the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and the Centre for London. Raheel was also selected for the Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow Conference in Doha.