The session:
deep:black uses the arts to explore difficulty, enable dialogue and deepen understanding. In this two-hour experiential workshop, they will use participatory photography as a way of understanding and expressing lived experience, and through the process of sharing it with others to open up different perspectives and develop new narratives. Thus photography becomes a tool to explore identity and self in order to understand what barriers might get in the way of developing a sense of belonging, especially in an urban, multicultural society. The collective creative journey can reveal surprising insights and be a source for deep connection but also for having fun and discovering a new medium.

The organization:                                                                                                                                         deep:black is an award-winning creative co-operative run by three women with expertise in the arts, mediation and education. They are specialists in using the arts to sensitively explore challenges, create dialogue, develop communication and build connection across difference.
They design and deliver workshops and training for adults and young people, using creativity to playfully explore issues that might be perceived as uncomfortable, challenging or taboo. By creating safe spaces for difficult conversations, they support individuals and groups to learn, reflect and grow. Their workshops range from exploring emotional wellbeing in the school environment to looking at cultural fit in the workplace.

They also develop longer-term creative projects that typically culminate in a sharing, performance or exhibition. These projects bring together communities, encourage dialogue and connection, and are an opportunity to celebrate the creativity of the participants.